Technical project management

Providing a managed technical resource to our clients who work overseas allows them to have the cost benefits of using local companies while still having that one point of contact that is on site for every event to ensure its success. This is a perfect solution for smaller events where there is not a need for custom built stage sets or complicated events that benefit from having a crew and vehicle touring.

Case Study Client – Nutmeg Events Nutmeg

Nutmeg events had been managing the complete logistics for a large number of Roadshows including local Audio Visual suppliers in every major European city. When the end client decided they wanted their products demonstrated using high resolution including HD and on occasion the use of 5.1 surround sound, Nutmeg contacted Event tsl to see where we could help.

The main issue was the switching and distribution of high quality data imagery running at least 1680×1050 and up to 1920 x 1080. Working closely with the end clients demonstration team and Nutmeg, equipment required was specified and this was forwarded to various suppliers in Europe. Whilst some suppliers were happy to assist and understood exactly what was required, others proved a little less able to deal with the high specification of the equipment needed. A decision was taken that Event tsl would specify a cost effective solution that could be purchased and toured around Europe by the crew.

A specification of Projector was agreed and all technical specifications for the event were sent to all local suppliers. Event tsl monitored all quotes to ensure costing was fair and all equipment required was included. We were also able to help local companies find a projector of the required specification and suggest more cost effective ways of doing things.

An Event tsl technician then flew to each venue with the switching solution, giving the presenters piece of mind at seeing a friendly face at every event and overseeing the local company to ensure the event was set up as close as possible to the pre-agreed terms.

Event tsl have worked on 6 Roadshows completing around 70 events in places such as London, Paris, Madrid, Zurich, Oslo, Berlin, Rome, Moscow and almost everywhere else in-between.


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